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I am available for events throughout the U.S. and Europe. Based upon your audience and priorities, I'll customize a lively 30-60 minute talk or a two-to-four hour workshop to entertain, engage and launch a transformation in everyone present.

For 2016 and 2017, I'm thrilled to unveil the three biggest, most powerful themes which have emerged from my lifetime of compulsive curiosity and action:

  • Big View
    OKness, Identity and Purpose We Can't Escape

  • What's Real, What Matters, and What Works?
    Advanced Life Navigation for Humans

  • F.I.R.E.
    Our Most Forgotten Magic Mojo

If these sound a bit "far out", it's because they are - just like real life! In fact, refuge and freedom in the middle of reality is the whole point, and these themes are provocative door-openers into greater awareness, performance, and fulfillment, whether our focus is business leadership, relationships, or any facet of personal development.

I'd be honored to spark a game changing conversation in your group and to fan the flames with lots of humor, challenging inquiry, and colorful "sea stories" from my own life's voyage!

Please e-mail us with your basic event info and/or questions, and a consultant will respond within 24-hours.

Group Events

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