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What's Real? What Matters? What Works?

My business is leveraging your untapped potential, moving you from idle pondering toward clarity and action.

I partner with people who are ready for positive change. My clients realize the fun in taking responsibility for thoughts and actions, and the power of professional expertise to amplify their own talents.


Clients define the value of my service as attaining real results - meaningful learning and action - more rapidly, fearlessly, and consciously than they could through other means.


Success is a client who is extremely happy we worked together, and who is living more honestly and effectively than ever before.

Mike Halsey
Certified Personal and Professional Life Coach, CPCC
Member, International Coaching Federation


What is Professional Coaching?

Coaching is partnering with a skilled professional to maximize the performance and experience of your whole life.

It begins with a unique kind of conversation. You set the agenda and make all decisions. I bring proven skills and tools to draw out what is most important to you. We clarify and then create the changes you want most.

Coaching is about choice. It highlights and exercises your power to choose not only actions, but your very thoughts. You say “Yes” to what is most important, and “No” to patterns which hold you back.

Coaching is about heightened awareness. You sharpen the ability to recognize and appreciate your full life experience more deeply and vividly.

Coaching cuts through judgement, guilt, worry and other fear-based illusions. We expose false, limiting beliefs and replace them with liberating reality.

Ultimately, coaching is about results: Clearer thinking, smarter goals and more effective action, all in service of the most fulfilling life you can dream of.

Coaching is real. It is powerful. It works.


One on One

We start with a Launch Session to explore your goals, values and expectations, while customizing our alliance to best serve you.

Partnership Coaching

Small, close partnerships are responsible for the most powerful transformative changes in our world...

Group Events

 Based upon your audience and priorities, I'll customize a lively 30-60 minute talk to entertain, engage and launch a transformation in everyone present.

On a Personal Note

On a Personal Note

Great coaching is about the client, not the coach. Still, people tend to be curious about someone they partner with in such an important way, so I'll briefly turn the spotlight around to answer a few common questions I receive from my great clients:

“So Mike, how did you get into life coaching? What is your background?”
My whole life has steered me directly to this work. Traits I’ve had since childhood are those which best serve my clients and my own fulfillment today; most importantly, a deep curiosity about what makes people tick and a compulsive itch to experience more of what is possible in this life.

I grew up in Southern California, a skinny, sun-fried kid with little self-confidence but a huge, romantic imagination. At about ten years old, I decided to become a pilot when I grew up. The dream stuck, so after graduating from UCLA, I headed off to Navy flight school in Pensacola, Florida. For the next decade, I lived all over the U.S. and in Japan, flew jets from the decks of aircraft carriers around the world, and instructed the next generation of intrepid young Naval Aviators.


After leaving the military, I've flown as a pilot for a major U.S. airline, owned and operated a small home improvement business, delivered corporate leadership seminars and collaborated on other diverse projects.


It was a loving but excruciatingly painful divorce which triggered the major deconstruction and renewal process which, ultimately, led me to this field of professional coaching. Tough revelations and even tougher decisions in my personal life, in parallel with formal training and certification, opened my eyes to the power of certain core principles and learnable skills which, quite simply, make life better. I continue to apply and hone those best practices every day, personally and professionally. 

I reside in New York City and travel ... a lot ... worldwide. 

“Are there any particular life experiences which inform your coaching?”
Yes. I am aware that a childhood of being “in the middle” between two wonderful sisters, divorced parents and step-parents, etc., deeply ingrained in me an appreciation of how widely we vary in our perspectives and struggles. Later life as a young aviator and flight instructor taught me a lot about shattering self-limiting beliefs and what great stuff there is on the other side of fear. The incredible sailors and Marines I led and followed impressed me with the unique capacities we each possess, as well as universal traits which ignore birthplace, ethnicity, or gender. My richest lessons, though, have come from personal relationships which continuously point me toward life’s highest meaning.


“What kind of clients do you most enjoy working with? Do you focus on a particular niche?”
I best serve those who feel a deep sense of some important calling – even if they can't yet name it – and a pressing hunger to answer it. Whether in career, relationships or self-development, this tends to appear as a nagging voice inside which whispers (or screams) something like, “There is richness here. You must explore it!” I enjoy working with people in all walks of life, and so choose not to limit my practice to any topical or demographic niche.


“What is the most important thing a new client should know about you, as their coach?”
I love this work. We may never meet in person, and there may great contrasts between the lives we lead, but when a new client and I partner in coaching, there is a shift. I commit to serving them wholeheartedly, and they seem to get it. We will get as real, raw, and messy as we need to in service of what they want most. I get terrific satisfaction from witnessing clients transform their lives, and am very aware that the fulfillment they create sends ripples far beyond our celebratory high-fives.



When I met Mike, I had just stepped into a senior leadership position after spending the better part of 30 years as a field engineer. I had led teams, projects and programs of all shapes and sizes, but had no idea of what being a senior leader in a politically-sensitive environment looked like for me. I was very concerned I'd never find an 'executive identity' that was both authentically me and also effective. In our very first session, Mike helped me find that identity.

Mike gave me the confidence... no, he inspired me... to lead with strengths that I didn't even know I had. Every session enriched my understanding of how to leverage skills I initially thought were weaknesses, to make me a better leader. My time with Mike had a profound effect on my confidence and effectiveness as an executive; I highly recommend him for anyone seeking to identify or enhance their leadership skills.


Mark S.

Let's Talk

I'm happy to offer a fee-waived strategy consultation to qualified prospective clients. This is the best way for me to answer your questions and for both of us to sharpen the focus and feel of what it might be like to work together.

If you are ready for real and positive change, I invite you to honor that by reaching out now. Shoot me an email, or give me a call. I will respond within 24 hours in order to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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